The CSAW Application Security Challenge is a cyber attack competition loosely based on the DefCon Capture the Flag Prequals. Participants will be given a series of challenges divided into different categories, each worth a specified number of points. This year, the competition will focus equally on Web Application security, Reversing and Exploitation. Make sure you are a jack-of-all-trades or put together a team with a diverse skill set.

We have participated CSAW 2009, which was hosted by NYU-Poly, in the past two days.

We ranked 1st and 2nd.

Since the regulation said that we are allowed to have only 4 people per group, we split our group into two: Undergrad team (ppop) and Grad team (CMU).

Both teams did excellent job in the competition.

Following is a final result of scoreboard before bonus points have been awarded:

Following is a final result of scoreboard after bonus points have been awarded:

It was really fun and interesting 😀 We thank NYU-Poly for preparing awesome challenges! Also, check out following press release!


PPOP — Undergrad

  • Brian Pak
  • Andrew Wesie
  • David Kohlbrenner
  • Tyler Nighswander

CMU — Grad

  • Ivan Jager
  • Ed Schwartz
  • Jonathan Cooke
  • Joseph Ceirante
  • Jim Irving
  • Dave

PPOP will be flown to NYC for a final round of CTF and award ceremony!!