The Codegate 2010 Pre-Qual is over. (For people who don’t know what Codegate is, it’s an annual hackers event/conference in Korea.)

The CTF competition was from March 13th 9:00am to 14th 9:00pm in KST, total of 36 hours.

The game style was that they open few problems in the beginning, then they release additional problems as time goes by and as teams solve them. There were 19 problems overall.

The fields that were covered was really wide, which include web hacking, forensics, binary analysis, etc.

Bonus breakthrough points were given to the first three teams to solved the problem. You get an extra 5%, 3%, or 1% of the problem’s score for solving it first, second, or third, respectively.

Out of 19 problems, we managed to solve 18. We got the first place 😀

The final round is limited to 4 people per team. So, 4 members from our team will be flying over to Seoul, Korea to participate the final round.