We participated yet another Capture the Flag (CTF) game, called smpCTF  on July 9th for 48 hours. Like Defcon many of our team members were not able to participate because they were on break, but we were only allowed 8 players anyway.

This was the first CTF competition put together by redsand and magikh0e from http://blacksecurity.org/, and they got a great turnout. It was nice to see many of the same teams from Defcon participating in smpCTF and it made for some strong competition.

The problems were very interesting. A lot of their trivia challenges left us scratching our heads for a long time, but after a few hints, many hours, and many more google searches, we eventually pulled through.

A graph of the final scores (not counting one problem that needed to be reviewed manually) can be seen here. In the end we finished just behind Nibbles, as they managed to get more breakthrough points on problems. We did solve all of the same problems as Nibbles, however. This competition was also the first time StS (a team from SmashTheStack.org) participated in a CTF competition, and they pulled off a very respectable fourth place. As usual, all the teams did an excellent job, and we had a great time playing!