Yesterday we participated in the Spanish RootedCON. This CTF was a few web challenges put together by RoMaNSoFt and Dreyer from the awesome Spanish group int3pids. We were very anxious to get back on track now that the school year is up and running. Although only a few of us participated, it was nice to be able to work together on the challenges in person rather than over the internet.

In the end, we got first! So far, no other team has finished every challenge, so all places (besides first) are still up for grabs! A few of the teams in the top 15 right now are also individuals rather than teams, and doing an amazing job.

Unlike many of the competitions in which we participate, RootedCON consisted of only 7 problems, all of which were web apps.  While we usually do best when working on binary problems, we had a fun time working through these unique challenges.

RoMaNSoFt is likely to keep this competition running for a while so everyone that is interested can get a chance to participate. That means we are going to delay release of any public writeups until more people solve the challenges.